Headshot Retouching

Snapchat and Instagram filters are the arch-nemesis of a professional headshot. Nobody thinks that looks anything but tacky, especially on your LinkedIn profile - much less on a press release or corporate collateral.

At Signature Headshots, we take pride in providing professional headshot retouching services to help you look your best, yet age-appropriate. Our meticulous process ensures every detail is perfect, resulting in polished and natural-looking photos.

Here’s a detailed overview of our headshot retouching process.

Step 0: You Tell Us

The very first step in the retouching process happens before you even leave the studio. We listen to you about what you like and what you prefer were different in your headshot. Maybe it's a scar you're not a fan of, a chipped tooth, huge zit. Whatever it is, we will mark it on the image to make sure it gets corrected during retouching. You don't have to wait to see the final image and hope that we corrected it. (Although MOST things people tell us, we were going to correct anyways before they even told us.)

Headshot with retouching markup

Step 1: Color Correction and Exposure Adjustments

We begin the retouching process with color correction and exposure adjustments using CaptureOne. This step ensures that the colors in your headshot are accurate and vibrant, and that the exposure is balanced. By adjusting the lighting and color tones, we lay the foundation for a high-quality image that captures your true skin tone, especially important for darker skin tones, and hair color.

Step 2: Skin, Hair, Eye, & Teeth Retouching in Photoshop

Next, we move on to Photoshop for detailed retouching of your skin, hair, eyes, and teeth. Our expert retoucher will blend out any blemishes and imperfections, reduce (not completely remove) wrinkles, remove dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and/or melasma on your skin to ensure a flawless, yet natural look. We enhance the color and shine of your hair and highlights, brighten your eyes, and whiten your teeth, making sure you look your absolute best without losing your unique features.

For women especially, we'll fill in hair gaps, add hair volume for aesthetic balance, darken eyebrows, and even out your skin tone/makeup with your neck and décolletage.

For men, we'll subtly sculpt your face, jawline, and minimize or remove your double chin (Ladies, we'll help you out in the double chin department too!).

Step 3: Wardrobe Malfunction & Glasses Reflections

Clothing plays a crucial, subconscious role in the overall appearance of your headshot. We meticulously adjust and fix clothing issues, such as tightening and straightening ties, leveling off pocket squares, fixing jacket and shirt collar gaps, and smoothing out wrinkles and bumps in your attire. Also, this is when we will remove those pesky glasses glare and reflectiosn from your glasses. These adjustments ensure that your clothing looks neat, professional, and fitted to you, enhancing the overall quality of your headshot.

Step 4: Clean Backgrounds

The background of your headshot is just as important as the subject. We make sure that the white backgrounds are a true white, free from any hues or tints of other colors. For grey and dark backgrounds, we ensure they are even in darkness and free from any distractions. This step ensures that the focus remains on you, with a clean and professional background that complements the overall image.

By following these detailed steps, we ensure that your headshots are of the highest quality, showcasing you in the best possible light. Trust Signature Headshots for professional headshot retouching that enhances your photos while maintaining a natural and authentic look.