About The Studio

We've moved from a home studio in the middle of a living room to our own beautiful building in Downtown Orlando, FL.

We've gone from begging friends and family to let us take their headshots to garnering the attention of Fortune 50 companies.

Constant Improvement. Constant Evolution. Non-stop.


The numbers speak for themselves

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The Studio aka "La Casita"

Headshot Photography Studio in Downtown Orlando Florida

Our studio wasn't born out of the need for money by the starving-artist creative type. Quite the opposite.

Our studio was born with the passion for creating a high-end headshot product with world-class customer service for mid- and senior-level professionals (and those who desire to be one) that are worthy to be plastered all over your company's marketing, the press, or your book. This is not a department store portrait studio.

Ask ANY photographer if they can take a headshot, and they will say "Yes". However, as you will see, not all headshots are created equal - The "white" background may actually be a shade of pink, the image be underexposed, the red skin reduction may leave you looking ashen and lifeless, the retouching may have you looking like your teen daughter's SnapChat filter, or your facial expression may look like you had an unexpected bowel movement.

This is where we are dedicating and constantly evolving our craft to create the most pixel-perfect headshots that make sure you won't cringe every time you see your headshot.

The amazing team behind our company

We have a very selective vetting and hiring process for all of our team members. In addition to our core photographers, we have 3 hair and makeup artists, 1 retoucher, 2 assistants, and a network of photographer across the United States, Canada, France, and Spain with whom we have worked with on some amazing productions!