Brian Dow

I take pictures of people's faces. The word "photographer" makes me cringe.

Brian Dow

Years after getting my first "real" headshot for my corporate job, I started Signature Headshots Orlando out of pure passion for good looking headshots that are commercial marketing quality, not the average headshot that you see 99% of all the other photographers (these same photographers by the way also shoot weddings, babies, boudoir, maternity, and just about every other genre of photography possible, trying to make a buck) doing with weird expressions, off-colored backgrounds, and weird body positioning. I saw the way my headshot changed not only how I felt about myself as a career professional, but also how my managers and peers began to perceive me as a true professional as well. My goal for this company was to dedicate ourselves to one seemingly simple style of photography and master the hell out of it, in order to provide high quality headshots to early career professionals to help their professional image and also to mid- and senior-level profesionals who really ought to havea. headshot worthy of their position. I am still constantly striving to better our craft through non-stop evolution, and we're only getting better and better.

Background & Experience

I started retouching in the real estate and commercial architecture industries, where I retouched photos of million dollar homes, model homes, AirBnB’s, and even hotels.  Now I am using the same advanced techniques that I used to create magazine-quality images to retouch headshots, personal branding portraits, and modeling images.  

My philosophy is that a good headshot retouch should show the person in their best light, while still being true to them and not look fake.

I use professional software, such as CaptureOne Pro (which makes Lightroom look like garbage) and Adobe Photoshop and high-end retouching techniques that I learned from the greats, such as Danny Batista, Earth Oliver, Pratik Naik, Sef McCullough, and August Dering to create stunning images with incredible color accuracy for every skin tone.