Corporate Group Headshots

Not a "School Picture Day"

Whether in-studio or on-location, our team and staff headshot service makes sure every team member can look their best.

The Best Business Headshots for your Team

At Signature Headshots Orlando, we understand that posing for a headshot can often feel awkward, especially when you're not a professional model. Our expert photographers excel in making everyone look photogenic with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency, even in busy or public settings like conferences or your own office.

Our studio, nestled in the vibrant heart of Orlando, FL, provides a private space where we can fine-tune every detail from pose to expression.

However, we're also fully equipped to bring our studio to you. Whether it's a quick session at a large event or a dedicated setup at your workplace, we've perfected a system through years of experience and continuous training. This system allows us to quickly assess and capture each individual's best look in a friendly, stress-free manner.

We recognize the nerves that come with being in front of the camera. That's why we not only aim to capture excellent headshots but also provide tips to help your team feel at ease, ensuring they look their best in their business portraits.

While we are based in Orlando, our services are mobile, and we are ready to travel nationwide for groups of 5 or more. Whether you are lawyers, real estate agents, doctors, or part of another professional group, Signature Headshots Orlando is committed to providing top-tier corporate headshots across any industry. Rest assured, you're in the hands of the one of the best corporate headshot photographers.

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No More Surprises!

Everyone gets to see and select THEIR favorite headshot.
Immediately after their session, each participant receives a link for their personal interactive gallery to see, select, and download their retouched images.

When you book, you get End to End support  

More Benefits

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Online Scheduling

Need to schedule everyone's headshot session time? We can take care of that for you through a custom scheduling link everyone can use to schedule the time that works best for them.

Would you rather have everyone walk up as they have time?  We can do that too. Whatever mix of appointments and walk-ups you need, it's not a problem. We'll handle it.

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Headshot Prep Guides

Our headshot preparation guides for men and women cover wardrobe choices, grooming tips, hair and makeup styling, and posture advice to reduce stress, and ensure that team members feel prepared and confident to help corporate teams look their best for professional headshots.

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Admin Support

Managing headshots for 10 people can be a pain.  Now imagine doing that for 300 people.... or more! We have experience with thousands of team headshots making them flow smoothly and seamlessly. We lift the administrative burden from your company, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

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Digital Galleries Delivered INSTANTLY

Each participant will receive their personal headshot galleries instantly after getting their headshots taken. Ok, well maybe not quantum tunneling instant, but within 60 seconds! They'll use this gallery to select their favorite image(s) for retouching and to receive the final product too.

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Facial Expression & Posing Coaching

Ever seen a headshot with a "deer in the headlights" look or absolutely crazy hair that no one bothered to fix? We make sure that doesn't happen on our watch. We coach every single person on how to pose, how to smile, tilt their head, and more. We take care of everybody!

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New-Hire Onboarding

Our new-hire headshot service offers a custom online calendar for effortless scheduling during onboarding. New hires easily book their sessions, enhancing their welcome experience. We capture high-quality headshots and invoice the company afterward, streamlining the process and reducing administrative tasks.

Multiple Office Locations?
No Problem.

If you’re located elsewhere, or have offices in multiple cities, and we've got you covered from Orange County, Florida to Orange County, California and everywhere in-between.

New Hire Headshots

After we have done headshots for your staff or team, we can easily handle your new-hire headshots to make sure your team maintains a consistent and quality look to their headshots.

Your group will have their own dedicated scheduling page on our site where the new hires can schedule an in-studio headshot session according to their availability. Payments can be made online via credit card or invoiced at the end of the month.

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The Group Headshot Process


Scheduling & Preparation

Once your booking is confirmed, we'll send you our guide on how to best prepare for your upcoming session.  These tips include what kind of clothes to wear, what colors to pick, and tips on applying makeup for your headshots.


During the Headshot Session

We'll guide each team member on how to pose and tweak their facial expressions, and we'll fix their hair and clothes. Our hair and makeup artists can also do their magic to reduce skin redness, facial shine, touch-up makeup, and style hair.


Image Review & Selection

Immediately after shooting, each team member will be able to review and select their favorite image either on our laptop or on their computer at their convenience via a private online gallery.


Retouching & Delivery

After the selections are made, we will begin to retouch your team's headshots.  We do all of our retouching in-house with very scrupulous eyes.  Most commercial photographers nowadays outsource their editing to multiple editors in Eastern Europe or South Asia, which means you end up with inconsistent retouching of your images. They are almost always overly retouched, and you’ll end up looking like a plastic Barbie doll. Our retouching is a point of pride for us, and we don’t take it lightly.  Our retouching standard is to make you look like the best version of your self without looking fake. Final delivery can take around 1 week. However, if you need your images sooner, we will work with you to meet your deadline. We have delivered on timelines as short as the same-day.

Team & Staff Headshot Pricing

5-10 people


1 hour

Session time

In-Studio or On-Location at your Office

11-20 people


2 hours

Session time

In-Studio or On-Location at your Office

21-25 people


2.5 hours

Session time

In-Studio or On-Location at your Office

25+ people

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Session time

In-Studio or On-Location at your Office

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you also shoot group photos?

Certainly! Whether you have a small or large team, we're capable of capturing group shots of the entire team or breaking it down into departments. Whether you're looking for a unified team photo or individual shots of departments or teams, we've got it covered.

Can you shoot headshot at our event?

We're specialists when it comes to event headshots! Whether it's at an expo or an annual meeting, we're adept at creating high-quality headshots for any number of people. Additionally, we offer services such as lead generation, individual selection and delivery, photo booths, and event photography, tailored to suit your company's participation in various events.

Contact us or visit our Event Headshots page for more information.

Where is your studio located?

Our studio is located at 1515 S Orange Ave in South Downtown Orlando, FL. Conveniently located near the crossroads of I-4 and 408, our studio is super easy to get to from just about anywhere, and, even better, we have our own private parking lot!

We provide in-studio photography by appointment for our clients, along with on-location services. Our user-friendly online scheduling system enables you to easily book headshots for new hires without the need to contact us directly. It's just a couple clicks to schedule your appointment!!

Can you match our current headshots?

Several companies have headshots that complement their branding but are in search of a new headshot service provider. We collaborate with photographers from diverse markets to replicate their images, offering the flexibility of file types, formats, and crops to maintain the consistent look and feel of your existing team headshots. Whether you provide us with an image to match or share a preferred style example, we'll handle the rest seamlessly.

I can't get everyone together on the same day. Help!

The nature of office work has undergone significant changes in recent years. Some teams are now composed of remote workers, while others operate in industries where team members have unpredictable schedules, coming in and out of the office at various times. For companies facing the challenge of bringing everyone together, we provide practical solutions. Our process often begins with a visit to the office to capture headshots for part of the staff, followed by the implementation of a customized online calendar to schedule in-studio appointments for the rest of the team. This calendar allows remote employees to schedule their own sessions at our studio at their convenience. Regardless of the circumstances, we ensure a seamless experience, guaranteeing that everyone receives a professional and cohesive headshot that reflects the company's brand.

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