4 Wardrobe Ideas For Headshots

4 Wardrobe Ideas For Headshots


Bring lots of options.  We will give you professional advice and feedback on your shirts, and we will also tell you how we can complement your shirts with different lighting styles and background colors to achieve THAT look.  Whether it’s dramatic, all-business, or even sultry.  We’ve got you covered.


Bring your best business suits, and I will make you look better than the CEO.  Whether your suit is from JCPenney or Brooks Brothers, I give the same high-level of detail during your shoot and during retouching to make sure you look like a magazine model. If you go out to buy a suit before your session, make sure to have the suit professionally fitted and tailored, otherwise you may end up in a suit that looks way too large for you. This is extremely common and not a good look.


You only NEED one headshot for all your networking platforms and websites.  But you might WANT different ones for different purposes. Having a bit more casual look in your portfolio can give you a relatable and approachable appeal, when you need it. Bring something colorful! Colored clothing photographs extremely well in our studio and will provide a great pop of interest in your pictures to highlight your personality, while still remaining professional.


Bring more nice, but casual clothing options to your session, and we can create a more relaxed, natural image that you can use for dating sites or your personal social media. For causal looks, layers of clothing work very well, such as a shirt with an open jacket and/or a scarf, etc. Also a single layer of a black shirt photographs very nicely as well.

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