How to Choose A Headshot Photographer

How to Choose A Headshot Photographer

Congratulations! Simply by finding your way to this page, you've demonstrated that you know the importance of doing research when selecting a headshot photographer. To ensure confidence and satisfaction with the experience - and wonderful pictures as an end result - here are 5 key tips on picking out just the right pro for your needs.

  • Take the time to check the photographer’s previous work to make sure you like their portfolio.
  • Choose someone that’s focus is for headshot photography, hiring an amateur or someone focused on another field of photography will not get you the results you are looking for.
  • Read the reviews of the brand to understand other people’s experience with the company of interest. Don’t deny that it’s a common standard to read reviews before committing to an experience.
  • Be in communication with the photographer before your appointment. This might be with additional questions you have before your headshot appointment or additional studio information. Whatever it is, the company you are working with should be efficient at responding.
  • Make sure to agree and understand the pricing before coming in for your headshot. You don’t want to feel surprised by any charges or additional add-on’s you might want to go with.

Check The Photographer’s Previous Work

Choosing the right photographer for your project can be a daunting task. To ensure you get perfect results, do some extra research - take a look at their website portfolio and social media platforms to gain an understanding of their style and make sure it's consistent across all outlets.

When creating a great headshot, be sure to check that the lighting is attractive and appealing. It's important for catch lights in the eyes to be present as this adds depth and dimension. Avoid overly retouched skin so it remains textured; otherwise, your subject may appear too 'plastic'. Additionally, ensure that teeth are not unnaturally super whitened - you want them looking naturally white!

When you begin to do the work to look at all the details in the image, you will see what catches your eye.

Choose Someone Who Focuses On Headshots And Portraits

When you have specific needs, it's often best to find a brand that specializes in what you're looking for. Don't be swayed by the promise of discounts if your requirements won’t be met. Headshots are especially delicate specialized photography; not just does lighting matter, but also expression coaching and guidance make all the difference during the session experience - don't compromise on those!

If you are looking for how to choose a good photographer for your business, you want to hire a professional that specializes in that field. For example, if a photographer focuses on newborn photos, they are not experts in headshot photos.

Our website is dedicated 100% to headshots and other styles of photography that fall in a similar category like business headshots, real-estate headshots, corporate headshots, and headshot booth. We are experts in photographing headshots across the whole spectrum of categories.

Read Their Reviews

Conducting research on how to choose a corporate photographer that would be a good fit for your company can be very time consuming. It’s critical to take time to read all of the reviews.

It's no surprise that online reviews are now playing a major role in the buying cycle. In fact, most consumers read them almost every time they make a purchase - 98% "occasionally" and an overwhelming 77% of folks reading even more frequently or always! It looks like customers really enjoy sharing their positive experiences - so much so, they're doing it all over the web.

This also goes for when consumers have a horrible experience, they want to share with others their terrible experience.

Check out our reviews here.

Communicate Pre-Shoot

Choosing a photographer for your headshot should be more than just looking through their portfolio or reading the reviews. Instead, pay attention to how you are treated throughout the entire process - from initial communication all the way up until and even into your appointment itself. A good brand will not only provide confirmation emails but also style guides that can help establish expectations before meeting in person. Asking questions over phone call is also an option if necessary; this would indicate great customer service which forms part of 5-star experience!

When selecting a photographer for business headshots, it is essential to look into their communication style. A lack of response from them within 24 hours should be seen as an immediate red flag and may indicate that the service provided after leaving the studio will not meet expectations either. Signature Headshots goes above and beyond by providing clients with scheduling calls prior to shoot date in order to ensure they are prepared when larger groups need to travel on location - guaranteeing everyone involved has a 5-star experience throughout! We also pride ourselves in our prompt attention times so you can receive your photographs sooner rather than later.

Review Pricing Information

When doing your research for how to choose a photographer, pricing is a big part of that. It’s important that all the pricing information is clear, and everything makes sense before having the headshot experience.

It’s not a good feeling to go into your headshot appointment and be surprised by additional charges. Take the time to read the fine print on what you are signing up for.

Learn what is included in the different collections and understand exactly what you are paying for. It is common that most headshot companies do not have any retouched photographs included in the initial booking process.

We are very transparent on our website with pricing and what to expect during and after your headshot experience. For bigger groups the pricing is custom depending on the amount of people.

Besides agreeing on pricing, it’s beneficial to understand the expected turn-around time for when your headshots will be ready and in what form they will be delivered to you in.

If you are still uncertain how to choose a professional headshot photographer that would be a good match for your needs, we would be happy to answer any additional questions or concerns you have. Get in touch with the Signature Headshots team for more answers.

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