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Finally! A GOOD Headshot Booth

We've heard some absolute horror stories from clients about past experiences with event headshot photographers, from over-retouched images (happens way more often than you'd think!) to a photographer that literally hung a bedsheet in the hallway as a backdrop and didn't have any studio lighting.

Luckily, you found us!  Our headshot booth for corporate events and meetings is a  professional headshot studio experience with photographers, digital technicians, assistants, lights, and background that will make everyone look their best (and not like a plastic doll or an AI image), and YOU will be the company hero for finding us!

Give your attendees something they actually want....

A better headshot that doesn't make them cringe.

Headshot Booth Features & Company Benefits

Professional photo team & studio
Zero admin work for your company
5+ headshots per person
Custom scheduling calendar for VIPs
Instant digital gallery
White labelled with Company branding
Retouching for their favorite image
Image & retouching customer service

The Headshot Booth Process


Setup & Space

We can efficiently set up our portable studio in your office space in just 45 minutes. All we need is a 12’x12’ open area to accommodate our camera, lighting, backdrop, and computer equipment.

Don't have that much space available?  Let us know ahead of time, and we will find the best way to accommodate without compromising on quality.



Participants can sign up ahead of time (with or without a scheduled appointment time) and/or walk up and register on-site via a QR code. However works best for your company, we can accommodate. All that is needed is their name and email address to deliver their images directly to them.

Here is an Example Sign-Up Form. All sign up forms (and digital galleries) are white-labelled with your company's branding.


During the Headshot Session

We'll fix each participant's hair and clothes and then guide them on how to pose and tweak their facial expressions.

Our hair and makeup artists can also do their magic to reduce skin redness, facial shine, touch-up makeup, and style hair.


Image Review & Selection

Immediately after shooting, each team member will be able to review and select their favorite image via a private, interactive online gallery.

Check out an Example Gallery here. All participants will receive their gallery within 60 seconds after their headshot session!


Retouching & Delivery

After the selections are made, we will begin to retouch your team's headshots.  We do all of our retouching in-house with very scrupulous eyes.  

Many photographers nowadays outsource their editing to multiple editors in Eastern Europe or South Asia, which means you end up with inconsistent retouching of your images. They are almost always overly retouched, and you’ll end up looking like a plastic Barbie doll.

Our standard is to make you look like the best version of your self without looking fake. Final delivery can take around 1 week. However, if you need your images sooner, we will work with you to meet your deadline. We have delivered on timelines as short as the same-day.

Event Headshot Booth Pricing

1 Headshot Station

  • 1 day | $3,500
  • 2 days | $6,500
  • 3 days | $9,000
  • 4+ days | Contact us
  • Hair & Makeup station: $850 per day

2 Headshot Stations

  • 1 day | $5,500
  • 2 days | $8,500
  • 3 days | $11,000
  • 4+ days | Contact us
  • Hair & Makeup station: $850 per day

3 Headshot Stations

  • 1 day | $7,250
  • 2 days | $10,250
  • 3 days | $11,750
  • 4+ days | Contact us
  • Hair & Makeup station: $850 per day

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you also shoot group photos?

Certainly! Whether you have a small or large team, we're capable of capturing group shots of the entire team or breaking it down into departments. Whether you're looking for a unified team photo or individual shots of departments or teams, we've got it covered.

Can you match our current headshots?

Several companies have headshots that complement their branding but are in search of a new headshot service provider. We collaborate with photographers from diverse markets to replicate their images, offering the flexibility of file types, formats, and crops to maintain the consistent look and feel of your existing team headshots. Whether you provide us with an image to match or share a preferred style example, we'll handle the rest seamlessly.