Headshot Photography Session Tips For Men

Headshot Photography Session Tips For Men

Taking the perfect headshot requires more than just looking at a camera, and we want to help you get it right! Our experienced team provides signature lighting set up, professional posing support and high-end editing of your shots. Along with these services from us, consider taking our advice to make sure each time is the best ever - so whether you’re going solo or bringing folks along for corporate photos, let our tailored quote provide all sides of what makes great headshots happen.


When you're considering wardrobe for a professional headshot, the three main options are business casual, casual and business attire. But with our sessions there's no need to choose just one – bring all three ensembles so we can review them when you arrive and decide which will suit your needs best! The most critical factor is that each outfit fits well; otherwise it won't matter what style of clothing you've chosen.

Our clothes recommendations are:

  • Solid Color - whether it's your shirt, polo, or jacket use solid colors only. Avoid stripes or small patterns. Those small design pattern can create a phenomenon called Moire. It's not so important what this phenomenon is or what causes it, what's important is how to avoid it. So bring solid colors clothes to your session.
  • Well-fitted Shirt - if you don't wear casual or more formal shirt on a regular basis, try it on 2-3 days before the session. Our bodies change over the years and sometime we gain some weight and sometime we loose it. It's critical that your shirt fits you really well especially around your neck. We recommending going to a store such as Nordstrom and ask their associates to check your measures and recommend the specific shirt size.
  • White Shirt only with a Jacket - white shirt is not our top choice. White color reflects the most light and your white shirt will easily become the brightest part of your headshot. Your face though should be the brightest part in your portrait. When we look at photos, our eyes automatically go to the brightest part. Of course your shirt should not be the center of attention. So white shirt we recommend wearing a darker jacket.
  • Undershirt - Even though undershirt are great for every day use, for headshot we advise against them. They often can be visible from under the shirt, through the shirt or create lines on your chest and shoulders. So for headshots never wear undershirt.


Having the right hairstyle can make all the difference in your headshots. For men, we generally recommend styling their hair at home; however if you wish to spruce it up more a professional stylist will help ensure that your photos look amazing! Through our years of experience taking headshots, here are some tips on how to style and prepare for a great photo session:

  • Hair Cut Lead Time: do NOT get your headshot the day before your session. We recommend getting your headshot about a week before your session. Within those days your hair will grow a bit and look more natural without strong cut lines.
  • Shaved Hair - if you shave your hair daily then of course continue your routine the day of the session. If you do it every few days or every couple of weeks, give 1-2 days of time before the session
  • Hair Wash - if you wash your hair every day then you don't have to change anything. We recommend your hair should not be more than 1-2 days without a wash before your session.


If you shave every day then you can easily skip this section. For all other men either grow a beard or shave less frequently here are our top facial hair tips:

  • bring your shaving items - if you shave every few days or every couple of weeks and would like both looks then bring your shaving kit to the session. We can take half of the photos with your beard and the other half after you shave in our studio restroom.
  • nose and ear hair - pay attention to those stubborn hair in your nose and ear. We recommend trimming those hair before the session. We can retouch some minor ones but it's always better to take care of them before the session
  • razor burn - we recommend using shaving creams and after shave that are right for your skin. If for some reason your skin decides not too cooperate with your session, don't stress too much about it. Our professional detail photo retouching will be able to take care of your razor burn.


Preparing for a headshot is essential! A week leading up to your session, make sure you get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. It's also important that you take special care in pampering your skin - this will ensure that the canvas used to capture your portrait looks at its best on camera!

  • No Sunscreen - do not use any sun screen on your skin the day of your session
  • Avoid the sun - few days before the session, try to stay away from spending too much time in the sun. Fresh sunburn, skin redness will not look good in your headshots.
  • Stay Hydrated - drink plenty we mean PLENTY of water the week of your headshot. You will be nicely surprised how much better your skin will look line! Skin keeps our body and skin happy and hydrated. Try to avoid sugary or pop drinks.
  • Sleep - you want to look rested, confident and energized in your headshot. Try to go to bed earlier the day before your headshot to make sure you at least get your 8 hours of sleep.

Preparing for your headshot could feel like a lot of work. We try to be as thorough as possible and provide you all the beauty information to get the best female business headshots. If you want to look your best, contact us to schedule your headshot session with Signature Headshots.

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