Headshot Photography Session Tips For Women

Headshot Photography Session Tips For Women

For years, our photography studio has been a master of portraits. Having photographed over 2,000 headshots last year for people from around the world is no small feat! As such we're more than aware of what looks great and feels comfortable in front of the camera when it comes to clothing choices. We've created tips specifically designed for women so that their professional portrait experience will be memorable - from start to finish. Usually the first query potential clients have revolves around choosing an appropriate outfit -- something flattering yet still keeping true with personal style; this guide helps make selecting your wardrobe easy and stress-free!


What should I wear for my headshot session?

  • Solid Color Tops – Extensive patterns and decoration will grab attention away from your face. For professional headshots, the person viewing the headshot needs to be drawn into the face and not get distracted via outfit choices.
  • Well-Fitted & Tailored Clothes – Clothes that fits loosely will often make you look larger. Properly tailored tops will look flattering and professional. Avoid any tops that sit too slouchy.
  • Avoid Low Cut Tops – When photographing headshots, we photograph halfway into the chest area. If you decide to wear a low-cut top, it could take the attention away from the most important part of the headshot, your face.
  • Long Sleeves are Flattering Unless properly steamed or ironed, short sleeve like to misbehave and can sit funky on the arms. Short sleeve shows skin at the edge of a headshot, which may distract from your face.
  • Put Proper Undergarments with your Outfit Bra straps showing in your headshot is very unprofessional. Make sure the straps are properly tucked away and hidden.
  • Avoid Transparent Tops – When looking through your clothes, make sure to try the tops on. If you can see your undergarments through the shirt, that shouldn’t be your top selection. If you decide to stick with a see-through top, make sure to bring a blazer or your favorite top for layering.
  • Vibrant Colors Stand out – Depending on the profession you are in, wearing vibrant colors will make your headshot stand out.
  • Darker Tops Can be Timeless – If you decide to stick with darker colors, besides black, navy is very flattering in photos.
  • Avoid Tops that Blend with Hair Color – Darker clothes blend too much with dark hair. If you have pale skin, avoid tops that blend with your skin unless you plan to layer. Otherwise, it looks to washed out.
  • Jewelry is Distracting Jewelry draws the attention away from the face. We do not recommend to wear any type of jewelry for your headshot. Keep it clean, simple and timeless.


How Should I Style My Hair?

Women’s headshots have a special charm, and what can make it even more extraordinary is the art of styling your hair. That's why we highly recommend you to avail our in-studio makeup and hair services as they are essential for creating an impactful portrait. Our experienced hairstylist will come directly to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed; making sure you look stunning both on camera and offline! We've developed some amazing tips over our years of photographing headshots. Trust us - these tweaks will be game changers if added into play when prepping up for your photoshoot session!

  • Flying Hair Most flying hair can be addressed with hair spray. We have hair spray in our studio. Do not worry if you have staticky or too many fly-always, they will be retouched through our signature professional detail retouch.
  • Haircut and color lead time If you get your hair cut or colored, make sure to schedule your appointment about one week before the session. This is when the hair looks the best and natural.
  • Natural look Whether you style your hair yourself or work with a professional, we do not recommend trying a new hairstyle on the day of your session. You want to be the best version of yourself, but people should not be surprised when they see you in person after seeing your headshot.
  • Hair up If possible, tying your hair will slim down your face and your neck. This also opens your face more for your headshot to stand out.
  • Curling Hair Some curling is good but don't go too crazy with the curls. Again, you want to make sure the headshot looks like you
  • Blowout if you do a blowout do it the same day as your session.
  • Clean Hair if you don't do a blowout, wash your hair the day before. Avoid frizz by either applying hair products yourself or with our hair stylist before the session.


The Best Makeup Options for Headshots

When it comes to achieving the perfect look for your professional headshots, make-up can be a game changer. Our number one tip is to keep things natural: you don't want too much product on your face and should strive towards being the best version of yourself that's possible. That said, even if our skin isn't flawless we still have an ally in make-up! It helps accentuate features while concealing any imperfections--just remember not overdo it when enhancing them further digitally or otherwise post making those headshot selections.

Our make-up recommendations:

  • Hire a Professional Makeup Artist – Even if you are really good with your own make up, hiring a professional that knows what looks the best in camera makes a big difference. We strongly recommend Anjel Webster. We can hire her directly for your session, when you book an Executive Session.
  • Natural & Comfortable Feel Makeup should feel natural for you, especially when you look at yourself in the mirror. We tend to lean toward more natural look and feel but it's up to you what you feel comfortable with. You don’t want your make up to be a distraction but to complement your features. We recommend choosing colors closer to your natural complexion.
  • Avoid Highlighters Highlighting and contouring is an art of its own. We do not recommend highlighting your facial features because if not applied properly, it could make your face shiny.
  • Makeup Before your Session – If you added makeup to your session in our studio, please do not apply any products including sunscreen on your face the day of your headshot. Apply only oil-free moisturizer and an eye cream prior to your session.
  • Easy on the Powder Our cameras are extremely high resolution. We can zoom in and see every detail of your skin and pores. Too much powder looks caked and very unflattering in headshots. Let us do the proper retouching needed.


Making sure you look your best for a headshot can make or break the photograph. As such, taking care of yourself—from getting plenty of rest to staying hydrated—is key during the week prior to your appointment! A healthy complexion brings out all those beautiful qualities that we want you rockin' in front of camera.

  • Stay Hydrated - Drink plenty we mean PLENTY of water the week of your headshot. Skin keeps our body and skin happy and hydrated. Try to avoid sugary or pop drinks.
  • Wax a Few Days Before - If you need to wax any hair on your face including your eyebrows, try to make an appointment the week before your headshot. Skin can be very sensitive and can stay red in the waxed areas for a few days. AVOID waxing the day before or the day of your headshot.
  • Treat Yourself to a Facial - We all love and deserve to be pampered. What better way to treat yourself than to a facial to make sure your skin is beautiful and perfect. If you decide to get a facial, please make sure to get it the week before your headshot. You never know how your skin will react to products and it needs a few days to fully recover.
  • Exfoliate - Just like getting a facial. exfoliation should be done at least a few days before your headshot to avoid redness of the skin.
  • Moisturize - We are confident that you have your beauty routine down and know what you are doing. This is just a friendly reminder to love your skin extra the week of your headshot and use lots of moisturizer. You can even look into a moisturizer mask like Summer Fridays.
  • Sleep - You want to look rested, confident and energized in your headshot. Try to go to bed earlier the day before your headshot to make sure you at least get your 8 hours of sleep.

Preparing for your headshot could feel like a lot of work. We try to be as thorough as possible and provide you all the beauty information to get the best female business headshots. If you want to look your best, contact us to schedule your headshot session with Signature Headshots.

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