What To Wear For New Headshots?

What To Wear For New Headshots?

When it comes to getting a professional headshot, the way you dress plays an integral role! After all, these photos will be what represent and define your personal brand. So let's take a look at some tips on picking out clothing for when its time to get snapping those shots - consider if you want appear authoritative or friendly; whether formal wear is appropriate or not; and so much more!

What Color Should You Wear For A Professional Headshot?

We all have that set of colors that work best for our complexion. We recommend sticking to the colors that work best for your skin tones. You can also look at the color wheel and choose the opposing colors if you want more contrast in your headshots.

When selecting colors for your message, Tailor Brands explains that it's important to choose the right combination. A lively and powerful logo could use black and orange while navy and orange is more entertaining yet credible. Royal blue paired with yellow has an optimistic feel, embodying trustworthiness. But most importantly make sure you select a color scheme that looks good on you - one which makes you confident! Patterns are also something to be aware of when styling; as 85% of patterns don't show up well in photographs so try avoiding big ones or logos best if possible.

With that in mind, you may want to choose colors that accentuate and highlight your natural features. If you have a warm complexion, you can bring out the copper or pink-tinged rosiness of your skin with off-white, olive green, red, or brown. Cobalt blue, charcoal grey, crisp white, and dark berry colors are perfect for cool complexions with blue undertones.

What Colors Look Best On Camera?

Talented headshot photographers can adjust lighting and exposure to enhance any outfit. You should never feel overshadowed by your wardrobe or color choice. However, it’s also important to consider how your top will look under studio lights and fit against the background. Get advice from behind the camera with these five pro tips:

  1. Avoid extreme, highly saturated colors that take attention away from you, like neon yellow and cherry red.
  2. Pastel colors and sheer fabrics may look more washed out or lose their subtle color in photos.
  3. Neutrals are always a great option, and we always recommend everyone bring at least one black shirt or sweater.
  4. Opposing colors look great in person, but it doesn’t always translate on camera for headshots. Layer your look with items on the same side of the color wheel. Navy pairs well with royal blue and ivory is the perfect neutral for pink.
  5. Deep colors and rich jewel tones always pop on camera. Plus, they look great on every skin tone.

Once you’ve settled on a specific color, it’s best to bring a few different variations. For example, if you want to wear purple, consider bringing light purple, lavender, and dark plum tops to your headshot session. With Signature Headshots, it’s easy to get new headshots that convey the right image. Plan your outfit and find the perfect fit.

What Is Good To Wear For Headshots?

It’s important to prepare for your headshot ahead of time. Make sure that all the outfits you have in mind to wear fit you well. If anything needs to be altered or dry cleaned, make sure you have enough time to get all these errands done.

Bring multiple outfits for your headshot. Having options is always a good idea. We are always happy to guide you with the outfits you bring and decide together what will photograph best. Also, during the headshot experience, our camera is tethered to the laptop so we can see on a bigger screen what looks flattering.

When planning what to wear for headshot, bring a selection of outfits that are solid colors and remember to bring some layering options. Adding layers to the headshot can make you stand out more. Layers could be anything from blazers, jackets, and sweaters.  

Please make sure to iron or steam your clothing so nothing is wrinkled. If you run out of time, don’t worry, we have a good steamer in our studio.

What Should You Not Wear In Headshots?

There is a boatload of reasons why you are looking to update your headshot. It could be that your headshot is outdated, or you are looking for a new job, or you want to have different headshots for different platforms and the list of reasons goes on.

While you are planning what to wear for professional headshot, there are certain things to avoid with your outfits. First, make sure that the clothes at least from the waist up is not too big or too small. You don’t want to look like you are drowning in your clothes while also you don’t want to look like the button on your shirt will pop off in any minute.

We mentioned this before but it’s that important that it's worth mentioning again. Avoid any type of patterns or logos. They can be distracting from the face and unflattering in most cases. You want your headshot to stand out with solid colors. Layering of clothes is also highly recommended.

The less accessories the better. 99.9% of the time, if you are wearing a necklace for your headshot, we will ask you to remove it. The necklace(s) can take the attention away from your face. You want to have clean lines for your headshot. The same goes for earrings. You can bring different earrings as options to wear, but we can help you decide together what will work best.

To sum this up, please avoid selecting outfits with patterns, choose clothes that fits you well and the less accessories the better. Bring different outfit options for your headshot appointment so we can work together to help you figure out what is the most flattering.

Keep it simple. This may sound easy, but don’t put on too much jewelry or wear any logos that are distracting, if you are not taking headshots for your brand. Be sure that you have as little as possible distracting the viewer from your face, this is, after all, a headshot.

Choose Solids Over Patterned Garments

Try to keep it as simple as possible, when it comes to choosing the style and design of your garments. Just think about how patterns seem to draw the focus of your headshot away from your face, which can defeat the purpose of the photo. If you still want to include a pattern, avoid particular patterns, such as plaids and big checks because they can draw attention to themselves in a big way.

What’s more, stay away from garments with small patterns, such as tiny stripes and checks. Tiny patterns can also be distracting. This is because of the manner in which pixels work on the camera, which can cause a condition known as a more to appear on the image.

When the day has arrived to take your headshots, bring along a few different options. This will allow the photographer to help you decide what would look best. Remember, your headshot is important for your brand. You want it to represent you and your brand. Dress in what you are comfortable in but also what your clients and customers would expect to see you.

Can I Wear Black For A Headshot?

It is fine to wear black for your headshot! In fact we encourage everyone, especially women, to bring at least one black shirt or sweater. It is classic and timeless. Most solid colors work for headshots. If you want to bring a variety of outfits but prefer the darker color pallet, navy is another fantastic option. It looks very rich and flattering in photos.

How Should I Wear My Hair For A Headshot?

If you have longer hair, you can try different options during your headshot. You can do both sides of your hair forward, then switch it up to one side forward and one back, then both sides of your hair back and finally, tie the hair out of your face completely.

Options are good and this way you can see what looks and works best with your face shape.

For most people, hair out of the face looks best, but again, it all depends on the hair shape and style.

If you have frizzy hair, try spraying it down as much as you can. If it’s still frizzy after taming, that is something that can easily be retouched in the photos you select to purchase.

Keep in mind that if you are planning to cut and color your hair before your headshot, do it at least 1 week before your appointment. Sometimes when coloring hair, especially with darker color, it can leave some residue on your scalp that can appear in photos. That is something that can be retouched but we still recommend getting your hair colored at least one week in advance.

For men, the same applies. Do not cut your hair the day before or the day of your headshot. Most of the time, it’s easy to see the tan lines on your head.

For bald people, if you have a shiny head, please bring oil wipes with you and another option can be applying a small layer of powder to tam any shine.

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

When you are planning your outfits for your headshot, we recommend selecting outfits that you feel comfortable and confident in. If you don’t feel good in a shirt, then don’t bring it for your headshot. The way you feel can be easily projected in your headshots.

There is always the option to get in touch with us before your headshot appointment to discuss the outfits you are planning to wear. We also have awesome headshot tips for women and headshot tips for men.

Bring your top choice of outfits, and we will do our end of the job by being your facial expressions coach and making you photogenic.



The fit of your clothing is important. Baggy or excessively tight clothing won’t bring out your best.


  • For individual sessions, wear your best fitting professional top/dress.
  • Solid or at least non-distracting patterns are best.
  • A professional jacket if that’s a look you want.


Please take the time to style your hair nicely.


  • Recent haircuts can look new and not the best. If you’d like a fresh haircut, try to schedule a few days before the headshot session.
  • Bring everything you use to style your hair, including anything you use to tame flyaways.


Please use a light hand with your makeup. In my opinion, natural makeup that simply emphasizes your natural beauty is best.

Eyeliner can be especially distracting in a headshot. I generally prefer no eyeliner, but I suggest an especially light application if my clients are committed to using it.

Bring lipsticks and/or lip glosses. Please bring basic makeup and tools for touchups. Try to avoid makeup with an SPF, which causes more shine.


Headshots are all about the facial expression, so jewelry generally is not recommended for headshots. If you really want jewelry in the shot, bring options. Less distracting jewelry is preferable.


If you wear glasses every day, you should have your glasses in your headshot. If you sometimes wear glasses and sometimes wear contacts, bring the glasses to try.

If you have multiple pairs, bring them, so we can try multiple frames and lenses.

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