THE Preparation Guide For Your Headshot Session

THE Preparation Guide For Your Headshot Session

This Guide Will Help You:

  • Choose your headshot photographer
  • Pick out flattering clothing that will look great in the camera
  • Help with hair and makeup
  • Decide on the headshot location
  • Set goals for your headshot session
  • Plan enough time for your photography session

Choosing Your Headshot Photographer

It’s a good idea to do your homework before committing to a specific headshot photographer. Just like anything else in this world, there are good photos, mediocre photos, and department store photo studio ones. You want a headshot photographer that will give you a full-service experience and capture the side of yourself that you know and want everyone else to see too.

Here are some key tips for choosing which headshot photographer is a good fit for you:

  1. Portfolio – Scouting for the perfect photographer to capture your professional headshot? Do some due diligence and take a deep dive into their portfolio across all digital platforms. Consistency is key here; notice if photos from start to finish boast an aesthetic that resonates with you! Make sure each subject in the photographs leap off of the screen, appearing as real-life like through natural looking retouching and that skin texture is still visible!
  2. Headshot Specialist – When it comes to professional headshots, you don't want just anyone taking them. You need a photographer who's honed in on their craft and is an expert specifically for this type of work - similar to how adults visit specialized doctors rather than going to a pediatrician! Perfecting the art of capturing great headshots takes time and experience given all that goes into making sure they come out looking amazing.
  3. Read reviews – Do your due diligence and read the reviews of any potential photographers you're considering working with - a few minutes spent sifting through ratings can save loads of headaches down the line. If there are nothing but positive remarks, then this may be just the partner for you! Check out Signature Headshots reviews.
  4. Response time – Responding quickly is key in today’s digital-first world.  If a photographer doesn’t respond to you within at least 12 hours, it’s not a good sign. Building trust from the early stages is part of the experience. That's why Signature Headshots puts their clients first by delivering responses and building trust with lightning speed - typically within 2 to 4 hours. Don't wait any longer, get the fast response you deserve from the moment your query lands!
  5. Pricing – Make sure to understand what is included with the service you decide to go with. Each photography studio has different pricing structures. With most cases, there is a photography session fee to pay and then each photo is purchased separately on top of the session fee. For Signature Headshots, that is how the structure works: session fee and then each headshot image is purchased for an additional charge. Every photo that is selected will go through detailed manual retouching and editing work. We are transparent with our prices and fees for headshots and portraits.

Read on here for more information on How to choose a professional headshot photographer.  

Clothing, Hair & Makeup For Headshots

You’ve selected your headshot photographer and booked your appointment. What’s next? Now the ball is in your court for preparation before your appointment. It is important to look and feel your best on the day of your headshot.

Clothing tips for men and women:

  • Tailored & fits – Your headshot is the first impression you make, so it’s important to look your best for those photos! Before heading in for your appointment, take a few moments to ensure that whatever outfit or clothing you have planned fits properly. To give yourself plenty of time during preparation, bring all possible choices already on hangers and be sure not only that they aren't too baggy but also free from wrinkles. Men should pay special attention when selecting suits – opt for shirts and jackets with form-fitting silhouettes rather than anything overly baggy as this will create an undone appearance. Keep any doubts at bay by visiting nearby suit shops where trained professionals can provide advice regarding fit details as well tailored recommendations if needed.
  • Minimal patterns – When selecting your wardrobe for a headshot, try to stay away from bright patterns or flashy logos. These can draw attention away from the face, which should be the focus of any good portrait. Avoid patterns as much as possible.
  • Solid colors – Solid colors are the safe and best option for your headshot photos. You can layer colors that are complimentary or stand out even more with contrasting colors. The decision on colors really must match with the line of work you are in. Deep blues, red, and green are all good color choices. The bottom line is it depends on how much impact you want your photo to have. Bold colors have a stronger impact and stand out.
  • Layers – When you come to your headshot appointment, make sure to layer up! Different clothing items like jackets, blazers and sweaters can be used in combination for an effortless look that will help flatter the face on camera. Having different options is great because it gives you more variety of shots – which means a better chance at finding one head shot suitable for whatever purpose you need them for.
  • Accessories – Necklaces, earrings and scarves are not recommended to be worn in headshots. These items are very distracting in headshots. Scarves are unflattering in headshots. They can add bulk and weight. Don’t cover your neck with scarves or other accessories. The less distractions, the cleaner the headshot looks.
  • Tie or no tie? – If you’re considering what to wear for a modern headshot, it might be best to ditch the tie. Going without one looks more approachable and relatable - especially if you hold higher position in your profession or organization. But fear not: If you want an air of sophistication, then wearing a minimal patterned-tie is key! Just make sure it isn't bulking from 90's fashion – that will give off an antiquated vibe instead..

Hair tips for women:

  • If you are planning to do more than 1 look, we recommend starting with your hair down. Once you are satisfied with photos of your hair down, you can tie your hair up for the second look. Hair up and out of the face brings a stronger presence into a photo.
  • For the most polished look on your special day, we strongly suggest booking a hair and makeup artist. They can help you achieve any hairdo you have in mind so it looks perfect while being photographed during the session. Plus, they can even provide different styles throughout the session to give you several different looks.
  • Don’t do any hair experiments on the day of your headshot. You want to look natural and like yourself. If you begin to experiment, you might not be happy with the way your hair is behaving resulting in not liking your headshots.
  • Make sure to come in with clean hair. If you have greasy hair, it will show in your headshots.
  • When preparing for headshots, coloring your hair a week before is the best way to get beautiful shots. A fresh color that frames your face can result in great photos and give you an amazing look. However, we don't recommend getting darker tones colored close to the day of the shoot; doing so could potentially leave harsh lines along areas around your face which won’t flatter those angles.

Hair tips for men:

  • If you are out in the sun a lot, make sure to get a haircut 1 week before your headshot. This helps to avoid harsh suntan lines on your face or head.
  • If you have facial hair and want to shave it off, we recommend going for more than one style. Bring your supplies to shave/trim in the studio in between your headshots.
  • Same as for women, if you color your hair, do not do it the day before. On shorter hair, it’s easier to spot the hair-dye color stains.

Makeup tips:

  • For professional headshots it’s always a good idea to work with a reputable makeup artist. They can help you achieve the look you are going for. For an additional fee, we offer to work with our in-studio makeup artist. Make sure to book the appointment ahead of time as she gets booked up fast.
  • Do not go overboard with the makeup. You still want to appear as yourself in your headshots. Being unrecognizable in your headshot is not to your advantage.
  • Avoid too much highlighter or shine. Matte makeup looks flattering in headshots.
  • Going for a more natural palette is highly recommended.

Some additional tips on how to be ready for your headshot:

  • Get organized with what you are wearing ahead of time hanging on hangers and it’s ready by the door for you to grab on your way out.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water as you want your skin to look its best in photos.
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep. Headshots get up close and personal. If you are lacking on your sleeping hours, it can show in your photos. If you run out of time on catching up with your sleep, do not worry, we will still be retouching the headshots you decide to go with.
  • Don’t make the decision to get a tan the last minute. You don’t want to be burned in your photos, that’s painful and not so flattering. You can use self-tanning lotions or drops like isle of paradise which looks more natural and can be mixed with your lotion or foundation.

Still looking to get more ideas on how to get ready for your headshot? Here are headshot tips for women and headshot tips for men.

Headshot Location

When you're deciding between indoor and outdoor headshots, it really comes down to the style that appeals to you. Studio photos offer a lot of versatility: they can be bright high-key shots with white backdrops or darker low-key ones with more dramatic lighting. Not only do in-studio shoots help make your team look great - but also ensure consistency over time!

If you are interested in outdoor photos, you need to discuss with the photographer the location ahead of time. When thinking about the type of outdoor backdrop style you are drawn to, remember that the headshot is about your face more than the environment around. Avoid distracting or very spotty outdoor backgrounds.

When it comes to creating stunning headshots, the lighting and backdrop are key. For outdoor shots, you want a darker background with some trees in view but no distracting landmarks that take away from your face and image as the main focus. To make sure every client gets great results we bring our own studio lights so they have perfect illumination outside! If capturing iconic spots is more important then consider personal branding photography - which puts context into an environment within each photo for greater impact. Ready to learn more? Discover what makes professional style photos special over regular portrait shots today!

If you are looking for a headshot photographer with a style like Signature Headshots but live in a different state, you can reach out to us. If it’s 5 or more people, our team can travel to your location. If it’s just an updated headshot for yourself, we have a huge network of photographers who photograph in a similar style that we would be happy to recommend.

Set Goals With Your Headshot Photographer

Are you considering getting your headshot taken? It is important to plan ahead and discuss the vision with your photographer prior to arriving at the studio. You want them on board, understanding what atmosphere or mood you're looking for in order to get all those great shots! Determine a color palette that reflects who you are for clothing selections plus consider which backdrop works best, especially if multiple photos will be used from this session's shoot. And don't forget- always be open minded when hearing any additional suggestions offered by the photographer as they have experience making sure it looks professional yet still natural - so trust their opinion too! In addition, think about where these final images might end up: updating LinkedIn profile picture; corporate directory photo; email signature ; promotional materials…so many potential uses after just one headshot session!

A common question people ask is whether they should be smiling in their headshot. It’s good to have a variety of different expressions. Your company website might have something more serious. We always recommend putting a smiling headshot in your email signature to add a warmer tone to your emails.

At Signature Headshots, we believe that creating a positive connection between you and our photographer is essential for getting the perfect headshot! That's why your session includes an interactive experience with coaching on facial expressions to bring out different looks. We also give advice about which photos will work best depending on where they'll be used. So whether it’s LinkedIn or Instagram - get ready to capture yourself at your peak performance in front of the camera during this unique photo opportunity!

How Long Do Business Headshots Take?

Professional business headshots photos session can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to two hours. It depends on how many outfit changes you bring. If you want different hairstyles. Also, if you are interested in switching out the backdrops and having both high and low-key photos.

Block enough time in your calendar so that you are not feeling stressed that you are running short on time.

How the Headshot Experience Works at Signature Headshots Orlando?

Here is a step by step on what to expect from your business headshot experience with our studio.

We understand that getting the perfect headshot is no small feat, so before you arrive on set for your session we offer a call or email to discuss any questions about what to expect. Usually our studio has a dark grey backdrop as standard - it’s versatile and looks great with most clothing choices – but if one look requires something different then don't worry, we can switch out backgrounds too.

After you arrive at our studio, we make sure to listen and collaborate with you in order to find the perfect outfit that reflects your style. We know it can be difficult starting off – but don't worry! Our facial coaching helps build confidence so once you're finished with taking headshots, you'll have a newfound ease when posing for pictures.

Throughout the photo experience, we review the photos together as we take them in the studio. After going through all the planned looks, the final photo selection will be made at that time.

We will help you narrow down the photos. This can be a difficult process, but our eyes have been trained to see what works best for everyone. We will walk through the photos and point out the different things that we see.

After narrowing down the images, the final decision will be up to you to select which photos you want to keep. The final photos selected will go through detailed manual retouching.

The final photos are delivered via email within 7-10 business days from your headshot appointment. Need your headshots sooner? There is an option to get them next day for an additional fee.

After reviewing this ultimate guide on how to prepare for your business headshots you should be feeling confident about your appointment. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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